Date: July 2015
Project Title: Merrybell Church Marquee
Client: Merybell Corporate Services Limited Abuja
Purpose of Large Tent: Church Venue
Sitting Capacity: 200 People
Dimension: 10m x 21m
Bay Length: 3m
Span Width: 5m
Material Cover: PVC

A staff of merrybelle contacted us a while ago enquiring about a large tent that can be used as a church venue after locating us online through a google search. They enquired about a small tent sitting between 150 to 200 people which we had available in stock. At the time of their enquiry we had a 10m x 21m marquee tent which has a sitting of 200 people available on ground at our warehouse. We informed the enquirer afterwhich they arranged to send someone from Abuja to come to our office and inspect the tent. We soon after reached a mutual agreement and we set out to commence supply and installation. The tent was transported three days after full payment to Abuja and once reaching Abuja we started installation of the church marquee tent. Installation took just two days as other works were ongoing as well.

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